Dear Friends of Equestrian Life,

After seven meaningful years of working on Equestrian Life and building one of the largest multi-discipline equestrian communities online, we have decided that it is time for us to focus our efforts on new and to close down the Web site effective Friday January 31st.

Thank you for all you did as members to make the site a great place for connecting with each other through your shared love of horses, irrespective of how you individually choose to express that passion.

Please take what you have learned and continue to bring people together around your passion for horses. Please also work to tear down the stereotypes and walls that separate the equestrian community and take it upon yourself to explore new disciplines and ways of enjoying these incredible and loving animals.

We hope you have enjoyed the thousands of videos and television shows we produced and the great prizes many of you won via our contests with top equestrian brands. We hoped you also enjoyed connecting with old and new friends via our social media platform. It has been a fun ride for all of us here at Equestrian Life and we hope it was fun for you as well.

For any strategic inquiries about the site and our content, please contact co-founders John McGraw or Deana Bergquist at or